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Upgrading WHMCS to 6? issues after a previously failed upgrade! (possible solution)

So, many months ago I attempted to upgrade from 5.3 WHMCS to v6 at the time, and well it failed, some vague reason why, and being in a rush I didn't care to put in the time to investigate. Rolled back and all was right in the world... or so I thought.. It's not a few months later and now 6.2 is out! so figure I would run the softaculous upgrade and lo and behind BAM, new errors :( This time however, they were 'created_at' fields already found. Thus eluding to the previous upgrades modifications of some fields

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Getting Started, NodeJs, Ghost

Ghost Themes with NodeJS - First Post

Well this is my first blog post and in tradition I am going to have a small rant! This was supposed to be a nice easy setup through cPanel - get a theme and expect to be able to modify the content easy enough through 'assuming' the theme/admin panels! Boy was I wrong!...I guess my friend had it right here http://yetti.io/i-think-i-already-hate-this-theme/ I purchased this theme, as I didn't want to put in too much effort and assumed it would be easily adjustable, she however used a free theme so you get what you paid for

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